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Chad Smith

Owner & Builder

Tell us about an early canoeing experience:


I remember my first experience paddling a 10' boat.  My paddling skills were limited and it was a very windy day!   At first I was nervous from the waves breaking over the bow but soon became comfortable with the boat and was able to catch up with the others.


At the time, I was only a weekend helper, but building the boat and paddling something I helped to create really put a smile on my face.


I don’t think at the time I knew where it was going to lead me, but it was the beginning of a life journey of canoeing and boat building.


- I found a love for both canoeing and boat building-


How did this experience affect your life?


It changed my life. It started me down a new road. I knew I wanted to keep building boats and paddle them.


This was really my first canoe adventure.  The experience opened up more options for me in life,  and made me respect boat building as a career rather than just a hobby or a weekend job.


I found a love for both canoeing and boat building that day.


To this day working on canoes is fun for me and not “work” because I know what joy they can bring to someone’s life.


Shop Hours:

Beginning April 6th, 2021

Tuesday-Saturday:  9:00am - 4:00pm


1715 State Route 28N,  Minerva, New York  12851

518-791-8232  info@adirondackcanoecompany.com


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