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Simon Gardner

Owner & Builder

Tell us about an early canoeing experience:


When I was in third grade my teacher was Pete Hornbeck.  We got along well and he decided to give me a boat for my ninth birthday.


I don’t know what the back story is as far as if my parents engineered this gift or if Pete went to them and offered the canoe.


But for my ninth birthday, I received a Nine Footer.  A copy of the Rushton Sairy Gamp that Pete had built.  I was thrilled.  And so began a love of paddling and water sport.


- I felt like I was taking on a whole new world -


Once the water thawed,  I learned to paddle my new boat and to love the water and traveling over it.  I felt like I was taking on a whole new world.


How did this experience affect your life?


Well, I am a boat builder so I guess that it affected it rather deeply.  I developed a love for the water that one can only get from spending time on the water.


Having a canoe as a kid was fantastic.  I was able to take my boat on my own and have adventures.


Water and paddling force people to learn to deal with the immediate present and discover how they as people react and deal with situations.


Much like life.

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