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Adirondack Canoe Company

In 2021 Essex Industries partnered with Adirondack Canoe Company and hired owner Chad Smith to begin manufacturing high-end, super lightweight canoes at our facility in Mineville, NY. Built with an environmentally friendly process known as vacuum infusion from high tech components like carbon fiber and Kevlar these canoes are as beautiful as they are functional. They are sure to be cherished and handed down from one generation to the next.
Essex Industries and Adirondack Canoe Company (ACC) are integrated businesses where people with developmental disabilities work alongside others with no disabilities to build our beautiful canoes that are the perfect choice for any paddling adventure. Businesses like Adirondack Canoe Company and Essex Industries allow people to perform and be paid for work that is valued and contributes to their self-esteem and sense of personal accomplishment.
Essex Industries and Adirondack Canoe Company are the vocational component of Mountain Lake Services. Our facility includes an extensively-equipped woodworking shop, cutting and sewing machinery, 15,000 square feet of production space in two plants, and a state-of-the-art composite shop where our canoes are manufactured.
The perfect compliment to ACC, Essex Industries Essex Industries is one of the largest manufacturers of quality ash and cane canoe seats and accessories in the world. We have supplied our products to canoe manufacturers and retailers for over 40 years. Our customer base spans the U.S., Canada, and abroad. Visit EssexIndustries.org for more information.

Chad Smith

Owner, Builder, and Paddler

20 Years of Boat Building Experience

Chad Smith has close to 20 years of experience in light weight boat building. Having been fortunate to grow up in the Adirondacks around canoes and also work in a canoe building shop since his late teens, Chad started Adirondack Canoe Company to create light weight, durable and efficient canoes to take people on their own adventures.

A Lifelong Passion for Paddling

Currently, Adirondack Canoe Company has four designs in production, a 10'6" and 12' solo pack canoe, a 14' solo canoe or kayak, and a 16' tandem canoe. Future plans anticipate designing more boats, and developing the niche market for friends and families need for adventure and paddling experiences! To obtain the light weight durable hulls, Chad builds primarily with Kevlar and carbon fiber.

How the Adirondacks influenced the Design, Build, and Selection of Adirondack Canoe Company Canoes

Much of the water in the Adirondacks is remote - many lakes, ponds and rivers aren't conveniently located right next to an access road. A short hike through the woods often leads to those special ponds, hidden lakes and Adirondack gems. Put-ins and take-outs can range from sand, to rocks to mud, and of course the carry (portage) routes come in many lengths and a wide array of elevation and footing. Adirondack waters also range dramatically in size which means seaworthiness and paddle-ability cannot be sacrificed for weight.

Our canoes are designed to hold up and perform in these varied environments and provide you the platform needed to create your own adventures – from the Adirondacks, to the Boundary Waters, or the spring fed streams of Florida - whether by yourself, or with your family and friends.


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