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The Cascade

The Cascade is a very stable boat, with a wider, flatter bottom and pronounced tumblehome.

The Cascade is a new 12 foot design released by Adirondack Canoe Company in the summer of 2023. Built with a wider, flatter bottom and pronounced tumblehome the Cascade has excellent initial and secondary stability.

Like the Boreas, we offer two styles in this canoe, one with higher sides and a hung seat for those who prefer to row with oars or use a single paddle, or a version with lower sidewalls and a pack canoe-style seat mounted to the floor. It is a super choice for backcountry fishing or all around recreation.

Standard lay-up is a dogbone carbon/Kevlar combination on the exterior and Kevlar interior.

Color and other material combinations available. Please inquire.

Cascade Specifications

  • Length:
    12 ft.
  • Bow Depth:
    16 in.
  • Center Depth:
    12 in.
  • Stern Depth:
    16 in.
  • Gunwale Width:
    28.5 in.
  • Waterline Width:
    31 in.
  • Weight:
    26 lbs. (Pack)
    27 lbs. (Traditional)
    28 lbs. (Tandem)
Price: $2,200
Wear Guard included.