The Haystack

Adirondack Canoe Company designed the Haystack canoe to be used primarily by pond hoppers and fishermen.

The Haystack is based on the John Henry Rushton designed Wee Lassie which has proved to be a worthy hull over the last 150 years.

Smith & Gardner, of Adirondack Canoe Co. designed this boat to be used primarily by pond hoppers and fishermen. Our version of this time honored hull features a narrower beam than others allowing a slightly more streamlined hull. Worked into the Adirondack culture of brook trout fishing this canoe is a fantastic fishing platform and light enough to carry wherever you go!

Standard lay-up is carbon fiber and Kevlar.

Colors and other material combinations available. Please inquire.

Haystack Specifications

  • Length:
    10.5 ft.
  • Bow Depth:
    13.5 in.
  • Center Depth:
    10 in.
  • Stern Depth:
    13.5 in.
  • Gunwale Width:
    28.25 in.
  • Waterline Width:
    22.5 in.
  • Weight:
    19 lbs.
  • Capacity:
    325 lbs.


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